Visceral Manipulation: Level 5

quarta-feira, 14 de maio de 2008

Manual Thermal Evaluation

The focus for the entire Visceral Manipulation curriculum is to listen and understand the body's message.

Dora Franco, B.Sc., D.O., BI-D, ( ) completed the Course Manual Thermal Evaluation (Visceral Manipulation : Level 5) meant to help high qualified therapists to find restrictions and organ dysfunctions in the body, check the synchronization between the body and the brain, discover how brain uses the internal organs to discharge and express energy (often of emotional origin) and how that affects the structural integrity of the body and the health of a person.

Laws of thermodynamics tell us that when two bodies of unequal temperature are in contact, energy is transmitted. Radiation is one form of transmission of energy (heat). Skin is our radiator. Its proprieties receive and give away radiate energy - electromagnetic radiation. Thanks to more than 700 000 nerve sensors, spread out along its entire surface, our skin feels variations in outer and inner temperatures and informs the brain about them.

Problems of the body are expressed by slight thermal variations which the hand is capable of sensing and analysing.

The affected zone can indicate a visceral problem thus showing to the therapist that a particular organ is having difficulty in doing its job. Relatedly, it can indicate an emotional thermal zone as the organ responds to stress of psychological, physical or behavioural origin.

These zones are helpful in making the therapists understand the patients' problems and assign an effective treatment.

Experienced therapists develop their sensitivity and learn to perceive and analyse the thermal differences of the body, by identifying the structural restrictions that contribute to pain.

B.Sc. – Bachelor of Science in Medicine
D.O. – Doctor in Osteopathy
BI-D – Barral Institute Diplomate Certification